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The Legal Stuff and Ethics.... 

The Articulate Reptile, given the nature of the materials (animals) used in our art, wishes to remain compliant with all state and federal rules and regulations concerning said animals.  Currently, we do not ship outside of the U.S. due to the complex permitting and fees associated with overseas shipment of animal parts.  Some animals, although legal to own, may not be legal to transfer between individuals or across state lines. All animals turned over to The Articulate Reptile for processing or trade MUST be legally traded, collected, hunted, and/or imported animals, and we may request accompanying import add/or ownership paperwork for certain animals. 

The Articulate Reptile only uses and accepts animals that have died under the following conditions:

(1) Animals that have died of natural causes, e.g. old age, illness, injury, or accident during legal transport.

(2) Animals that are non-native, invasive, or exotic which are removed for the purpose of conservation and euthanized humanely per standards defined by the current AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association).

(3) Animals that are hunted within season for food and that have the accompanying tags and/or licenses.

By signing the document (Custom Order Form) when turning over animals for processing, sale, or trade to The Articulate Reptile, you are certifying that the legality of said animals is being guaranteed to the extent that the Articulate Reptile can verify. 

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